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Best CRM For Small Business: Capsule CRM

Best CRM For Small Business: Capsule CRM

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What is CRM Software?

CRM software or Customer Relationship Management solution is the tool business owners use to track their leads, sales pipeline and overall conversion into sales. It is essential for any business owner to manage their contacts in a CRM software and even more important to find the right one for them.

When you grow your team, managing this crucial information the right way is how to ensure your business success. But there are hundreds of options available in the marketplace from free versions to solutions that cost thousands per month.


Why have a CRM System?

There are few major benefits of having a CRM system in your business:

  1. Organising your contact data: CRM helps you organise all your contact information and your sales leads. This allows your team to keep track of who a customer has spoken to and the topics of discussion. In managing your sales pipeline, this information is crucial to getting your team working together and to close the deal.

  2. Reporting on sales: A CRM systems helps you to manage KPI’s in your team for such things as emails sent, calls made, meetings booked, and deals closed to understand what your team is doing well and what not so well.

  3. Forecasting of sales:  Relying upon outdated Excel spreadsheets is not accurate. A solid CRM system generates an accurate sales funnel for you, making it easier to manage resources and your sales pipeline.

  4. Segmenting customer data: Using a CRM system allows you slice and dice your customer data. You can do this by characteristics such as location, deal size, or close date, to find the warmest leads to focus on.

  5. Grow your closed deals: The easiest way to grow your closed deals is to repeat a proven sales method. The data you track in a CRM system will help you spot effective and ineffective patterns in customer behaviour. This knowledge will help you grow your business effectively with more closed deals.


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The Best CRM For Small Business

Capsule CRM is packed with a lot of useful features for small to medium businesses, but does it stack up to its competition? Here’s what we think and why it is the best CRM for small business.

There are many features of Capsule CRM available and when it is managed effectively your leads and contact data is at your fingertips.


The following are the features available from our Capsule CRM, the small business CRM:

  • Contact management: Track all the contact history with your customers including emails, notes from phone calls.

  • Tasks and calendar: Make sure things get done with to do lists for you and your team. Capsule also has a calendar so you can plan ahead with projects and deadlines.

  • Regular process: You can create tracks in Capsule CRM for regular processes. For example, a specific type of job in your pipeline has a specific checklist of items to tick off before proceeding, you can add them automatically to each new opportunity.

  • Manage your sales pipeline: Get a real time view of your open opportunity and potential for closed sales. This helps you manage your workflow and priorities. Get to know each opportunities expected value.

  • Customise Capsule: You can create custom fields to collect more data from your customers. Integration with leading web forms is also available to streamline your business processes.

  • Mobile app: Helps you to manage your CRM sales pipeline on the go from an apple or android device to never miss a sales opportunity.

Capsule CRM: Is It Right For You?

Unlike other options available like Hubspot, which is complicated to get started, Capsule CRM addresses these issues by creating a system to that is easy to get started. If you are looking for a simple CRM solution, Capsule CRM is for you. The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use for the small business owner.

The CRM has a range of great features to manage your sales pipeline, your workflow to close more deals. Definitely check out Capsule CRM.


Sign up for the best CRM for small business free: Capsule CRM


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